Marquee, Stretch Tent, Sperry and Pole Tents

MKC have delivered the best of what the industry has to offer! From time-honoured exquisite Marquees to funky Canvas or Pole Tent structures festooned with bunting and breathtaking displays of floral wonder tailored to the personality of the Bride and Groom.

MKC have a full infrastructure at their disposal from Field Kitchens to Water and Power, along with a full Catering Hire solution, even on muddy field days! MKC really excel in taking a Restaurant to a Field and delivering a five star service and experience. 

MKC can provide a total infrastructure solutions including:

• Marquee and Tepee Structures and Event Theming
• Heat, Light, Power and Water Supplies & Amenities
• Complete Mobile Professional Kitchens & Catering Hire
• Audio-Visual Equipment and DJs
• Professional, Fully-Trained, hand picked Staff